Welcome to Smartlinx3. We are here to provide real broadband to the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand.  We have built network in the Hutt Valley and Porirua and we will now be progressively extending our reach to Wellington City, the Wairarapa, Kapiti and the Horowhenua. We are your communityís local fibre company and open-access broadband provider.

Talk to us if You Are Dissatisfied With:

  • Slow data speeds.
  • Asymmetric connections that are much slower uploading than downloading.
  • Lack of choice of services and ISPs.
  • Bundled offerings where you canít clearly see what you are paying for.
  • Paying for things that you donít need, want or use.
  • The feeling that you are paying too much and getting too little.


Are You Getting Real Broadband?


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